Stock Preparation

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Waste_paper_delivery.jpg (126421 bytes)    Building the waste shed.jpg (95929 bytes)    Building the waste shed 2.jpg (88470 bytes)    Delivering soaking drum.jpg (121694 bytes)    Soaking Drum 1986.jpg (380671 bytes)

Waste paper unloading                            Building the waste shed                        Delivering the soaking drum      Soaking drum 1986

MoDoMekan.jpg (333047 bytes)    SWW Cleaning plant.jpg (314227 bytes)    Fire at the Prep.jpg (615596 bytes)    Fire in the waste.jpg (822108 bytes)    Jones crane.jpg (657108 bytes)

MoDoMekan Frotapulper    SWW cleaning plant             Fire at the prep                    Fire in the waste                    Jones crane